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Brigitte Beraha's Lucid Dreamers


Thursday, 28 November 2024

Hexagon Theatre, MAC

From £10.75

Brigitte Beraha's Lucid Dreamers

‘Lucid Dreamers’ premiered at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall as a trio with Brigitte Beraha, George Crowley and Tim Giles in November 2019 as part of the London Jazz Festival, with music written by Brigitte and inspired by the industrial world that we live in.

Extended to a quartet with Alcyona Mick on piano, they released ‘Lucid Dreamers’ on Let Me Out Records in July 2020, with the follow up 'Blink' in May 2022 which they toured in the UK and Europe.

Their sound is beautifully melodic and wondrously abstract and draws inspiration from the jazz, folk, contemporary classical, free improv and electronic realms. You'll find atmospheric and open improvisations, exciting grooves and impactful stillness.

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