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Coates / Edwards / Lines / Bashford + Friend


Sunday, 26 May 2024


£10.50 (£5.50 students)

Coates / Edwards / Lines / Bashford + Friend

We a pleased to bring you a quartet of locally-sourced improvisers, Bruce Coates on the saxophone, Barry Edwards on guitar, Trevor Lines on double bass, and Jim Bashford on drums. Each member of the quartet is in their own right a key figure in the West Midlands improvised music scene and their collective performance will no doubt demonstrate why for over two decades Birmingham has been a thriving hub for improvised music.  

Evolved through a mutual love of all things sinister and all things improvised, 'Friend' is a brand new ensemble featuring John Pope, Alicia Gardener-Trejo and Andrew Woodhead. The trio explores compositions and games pieces inspired by classic themes and tropes of the horror genre, performed with high-energy improv of an unrelenting nature. Join us, if you dare…

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