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Thursday, 26 October 2023

Eastside Jazz Club

£15 (£12)


ENEMY is the technicolor Berlin/London based piano trio featuring pianist Kit Downes, bassist Petter Eldh and drummer James Maddren. Described as ‘fiercely intense’ and ‘beautifully intricate’ by the UK’s Guardian, their two past records 'ENEMY' (Edition) and 'Vermillion' (ECM) spotlight three brilliant and creative musical minds, all equally committed to the exploration of constantly morphing new horizons.

ENEMY is about intensity and complexity - tense negotiations involving cryptic rhythms and wonky beats with light speed reactions and high focus - written to deliberately push them to their limits - both creatively and technically.

Now with a new album - 'The Betrayal' (WeJazz) - released in September 2023, this new set of music is full of contradictions, oysters and eels, and of course East Croydon.

Never look back, face your fears, take it to the East Gate.

"Enemy is a delight in its intersection of artistry and technicality, but it’s even more brilliant
in its authenticity."

“Enemy is an enemy - of all those who think that the musical development of the piano trio
is complete. They bring new, fresh accents into the action... To hear that is a pleasure”

“a formidable trio - three musicians at the top of their game”

“A strikingly vital, fiery and intense group that will undoubtedly appeal to jazz lovers”

6.30pm - support
7.45pm - main show

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