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Evaluating Experience - A BCU Impact Showcase


Thursday, 11 July 2024



Evaluating Experience - A BCU Impact Showcase

This special event is the result of an ongoing relationship between Fizzle/TDE Promotions and Birmingham City University. As part of the univeristy's Pathways event, a day-long showcase and networking event exploring the role of the university in the creative life of the city of Birmingham, we will be curating a research-inspired performance.

The performance will take place at Centrala and will feature two sets of improvised music exploring what research means for our organisation through the medium of musical improvisation. The first set will feature James McIlwrath performing a devised multimedia exploration of our recent audience research project. In the second set we will be hearing from a trio led by basoonist Fiona Troon alongside pianist Vato Klemera and bassist Si Paton.

If you are interested in this performance we strongly recommend that you consider joining the rest of the event which begins at midday. For more details follow the sign up link above.

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