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Røysum / Edwards / Sanders + Wachsmann


Sunday, 17 March 2024


£10.50 (£5.50 students)

Røysum / Edwards / Sanders + Wachsmann

Norwegian clarinetist Andreas Røysum has previously appeared at Fizzle as one third of the internationally renowned trio Miman. For that performance the trio were joined by the legendary Birmingham-based percussionist Mark Sanders in a collaboration which for those of us lucky enough to be there was an unforgettable set. Fortunately for us Røysum and Sanders are joining forces once again with bassist John Edwards rounding off the trio. Edwards and Sanders are without doubt one of the most phenomenal improvising bass and drum teams working in Europe today, and they will provide the perfect context for Røysum to prove yet again why he is taking the European improvised music scene by storm.

Opening the gig with a solo set will be legendary violinist Phil Wachsmann who will also join the trio for a closing set. Wachsmann's reputation as one of the leading improvisers in Britain is well deserved and the evidence of this can be heard on his many recordings alongside such luminaries as Kenny Wheeler, Evan Parker, Barry Guy, and Tony Oxley to name but a few.

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