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Steve Tromans: Howl


Sunday, 24 March 2024

JBPS, Symphony Hall


Steve Tromans: Howl

Pianist and composer Steve Tromans reunites the latest incarnation of the Howl Band for this extra special 20th anniversary performance of his musical setting of Allen Ginsberg's epic poem, Howl. Tromans first premiered his setting in a commission by Birmingham Jazz in 2004. Ginsberg's poem brought the Beat Generation to worldwide fame in the 1950s, and has remained as powerful in the decades since its publication as when it first presented a new direction in North American poetic imagination.  

Tromans has performed his Howl setting at a wide variety of music and literature festivals and venues in the 20 years since its premiere, and this event will give the audience a chance to hear the work performed by a powerhouse sextet of musicians, some of who were in the original Howl Band, and others who have joined in recent years. This will be an unmissable event for jazz fans and poetry fans alike.  

Steve Tromans: piano and directions 

Sid Peacock: narration  

Chris Young: saxophone 

Xhosa Cole: saxophone 

Mike Green: double bass 

Miles Levin: drums

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