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Steve Tromans Melodica Trio

Doors - 8pm | Music - 8.30pm

Saturday, 15 April 2023

Claptrap, The Venue


Steve Tromans Melodica Trio

Join us for our first ever Saturday Night Improvised Jazz event! Following in the footsteps of our many Sunday afternnon specials and THREE Festivals Of Improvised Music, we're delighted to have finished work on our new 'compact and Bijou' room, meaning we can now get freaky on a Saturday night! Oh yes indeed Mostyn!

Steve Tromans: Melodica
Benedict Muirhead: Double Bass
Timoteusz Jozwiak: Drums

Our room has a strict capacity of 40, so while there is a good chance of being able to pay on the door, purchasing your ticket in advance is recommended for peace of mind and to guarantee your place.
Tickets are £10 (including fee), or £10 on the door.

Accessibility: Entry is still via our main Claptrap door (so come up as usual) but our regular staircase can now be considered a mere 'starter course' for the vertical excitement yet to come - with a further 20 steps awaiting your tootsies at the end of our corridor. You'll be told where to go (in a good way) upon arrival so relax.

Doors open at 8pm, live music will start at 8:30pm.
2 sets (or possibly more if you bribe the band with drink...) taking us through until about the 10:30pm mark. Time for another quick tipple before 11pm, when we begin closing the upstairs room and begin our descent to freedom.
Entry to this event includes entry to Claptrap The Venue, our main room, which is open until 2am.
So by all means stick around and have a boogie!

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