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Bonney / Dunmall / Sanders + Tromans / Purkis


Sunday, 30 June 2024


£10.50 (£5.50 students)

Bonney / Dunmall / Sanders + Tromans / Purkis

Surely one of the most exciting developments on the British improvised music scene in recent years has been the emergence of the trio featuring Alex Bonney on trumpet and electronics, Paul Dunmall on saxophone, and Mark Sanders on percussion. On their recently released album The Beholder's Share, Bonney's ability to deftly navigate the boundary between electronic and acoustic sound provides a context for erstwhile collaborators Dunmall and Sanders in which we rarely hear them. We are delighted to be able to bring this heady mix to the Fizzle stage.  

Joining them will be the duo of pianist Steve Tromans and singer Suzie Purkis. Coming from broadly different musical traditions, these two musicians collide firmly within the realm of the improvised and experimental. Jazz, opera, contemporary classical, folk - theirs will doubtlessly be a performance that dissolves such simple classifications.

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