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Our partnership


Fizzle and TDE Promotions are partner organisations that promote freely improvised and experimental music in and around Birmingham. Although we're broadly responsible for separate strands of the programming, we work very closely on all aspects of the programme. We also support the work of other experimental music promoters and ensembles in the West Midlands.



For over 20 years Fizzle has been running gigs in Birmingham featuring freely improvising musicians. Having started in the upstairs room at The Old Moseley Arms and then moved on to the back room at The Lamp Tavern, we now hold the majority of our gigs at Centrala in Digbeth. These Sunday afternoon sessions feature some of the top improvisers from Birmingham and the wider UK scene. 

TDE Promotions


Established back in 2016 by experienced promoter Tony Dudley-Evans, TDE Promotions aims to expand the programme of free jazz and improvised music in Birmingham and to ensure that this scene is properly funded. Tony promotes on a regular basis in the intimate Hexagon Theatre at MAC and at the Eastside Jazz Club at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, plus occasional gigs in other venues, such as the Main Theatre at MAC and the Hare & Hounds. These events feature some of the top touring acts from the UK, Europe, and even further afield. 

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