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Evan Parker 80th Birthday Celebration


Thursday, 11 April 2024

Foyle Studio, MAC

From £10.50

Evan Parker 80th Birthday Celebration

Evan Parker is without doubt one of the two or three greatest improvising jazz musicians in the world.  He was a pioneer of the free jazz of the 1960s with players such as John Stevens and Derek Bailey in the UK and Peter Brotzmann and Alexander von Schlippenbach in Germany. Since then he has continued to be a major creative force within the music.  

We are privileged to be presenting one of two concerts celebrating his birthday along with a percussion ensemble led by Mark Sanders with Tymek Jozwiak, Miles Levin and Jim Bashford plus bass player John Edwards and fellow saxophonist Paul Dunmall.  The first is in London at Cafe Oto.

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